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The Followers of Jesus as provocative. Comments to: 

The Followers of Jesus as provocative may be seen as people who are raising doubts and therefore not faithful. And yet, I find that when the Follower of Jesus question that which we are saying and that which we are doing there is a bit of new life introduced to the room. Whenever we use language that just is allowed to carry baggage without understanding its meaning in real life terms the excitement of follower Jesus becomes a journey into 'magical' words that grab people's attention but usually means little When we are free to question and ask for thoughtful discussion and are not afraid to entertain argumentation, we are stepping into the excitement of the early church we can see in Acts. For in those days, the Follower of Jesus were extremely provocative. They questioned. They were often asking questions and doing things that the did not really understand. But in time - through their experiences outside the norm of the words and images they thought they knew - they were greeted with a door open to life beyond all expectations.

O God of Love and All Hopefulness, open the doors of our hearts and minds so that we will not shy away from the grand vision of your Reign that we too often try to lock up and keep for ourselves. Amen.