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The Followers of Jesus as provocative. Comments to:

The Followers of Jesus as provocative are present to bring in the life of the Reign of God. That is the reason we are a provocative people. The Reign of God does not follow the character of the society and times around us. We are not run by fear or anxiety. We are a people who trust that our God is bringing in God's peaceable Reign and it is in the shape of all of us acting out within our everyday lives. The Followers of Jesus are provocative when we do not simply go along with how the story of Scripture have been told or interpreted. We continually re-fresh those stories and bring the life-giving life-affirming, life-healing meaning back into old, old stories. Those old stories are often being smothered in ancient tribal images and thought that does not need to preside among us anymore. Therefore we question all that is being read and we ask for images of God's Reign to shine through. The Followers of Jesus as provocative will cause a stir as we move aside that which is not essential to the coming of God's peaceable Reign and keep digging for new ways to see beyond the limits of past days and into the expansiveness of God's unfolding grace and love.

God of Love and All Hopefulness, keep opening the heart of your Reign and fill us with its glory and hope. Amen.