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Weekday Devotions

The Followers of Jesus as helplessly hopeful.

The Followers of Jesus as helplessly hopeful are - by saying that - oddballs within our world. Yes, there is the truthfulness of the reality around us. Yes, we see and hear violence raising its ugly head in many ways and in many places. Yes, hate speech and actions seem to be the expected part of the protocol of the day. And yet, The Followers of Jesus as helplessly hopeful keep eyes on the promised Reign of God as a reality that also shows up within the context of this day. In the face of the way the various powers of the world are content to destroy the other side, we are invited to meet and greet them so that the 'us and them' may be transformed into a 'we'. I know, that sounds absurd - foolish - down right dumb. Therefore, we may be dismissed as dreamers and even dangerously out of touch with the real world. I would argue we are incredibly in touch with the ways of the world and because we know the world so well, we understand how it differs from God's promised Reign. We are helplessly hopeful that God's Reign will come among us.

God of New life and All Hopefulness, bring it on - bring on your Reign among us and use us instruments of your work in this place and time. Amen.