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The Followers of Jesus as helplessly hopeful. Comments to:

The Follower of Jesus as helplessly hopeful may be an endangered species. But do not fear - we always have been and there always continues to be these helplessly hopeful folks finding their way into the life around us. Some may call them prophetic people. I agree. I also agree that they are simply the ones who trust that the way of Jesus is vital to life that is full of the presence of God. The Followers of Jesus as helplessly hopeful may be confronted with hopeless looking days and thus we stumble about in them and consider throwing in the towel. In the middle of those days, it is amazing how some of the simple poetic imagery of our God who is constantly for us is able to freshen up our lives. I don't know how it happens - I only know that it does. The followers of Jesus as helplessly hopeful seem to be able to lean into the fresh breeze that is able to slip into any of our worn torn and hopeless looking days.

O God of New Life and All Hopefulness, you are the power of life that lifts us and holds us. Continue to be our breath for these days. Amen.