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The Followers of Jesus as ready. Comments to

The Followers of Jesus as ready go right to the end - there is always life around us and life coming at us. We are being invited to take part in all the life that will fill our day. We all know that life changes as we age and as we move through life stages and yet we must miss those passages and try to stay in a place we know best and feel the most comfortable. The Followers of Jesus as ready consider how much more there is to life. We keep our doors open and let ourselves be ready for the strangers who enter and for the castaways who have been denied entrance in other places. When we are ready for the unfolding of God's Reign among us, the day becomes filled with hopefulness for everyone. We are then a part of that hope in the world - a hope that many long for and yet often never experience.

God of Love and All Hopefulness, wide open are our eyes and yet we often do not see. Give us the vision to see the expansiveness of your Reign and its life as it is blossoming around us. Amen.