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The Followers of Jesus as invasive. Comments to

The Followers of Jesus as invasive may sound negative - yet it is meant to be a part of the creative energy that is the life of the Reign of God pressing into this day. This is not an invading power taking over another power. It is a life that is quite contrary to the prevailing way the world works. It goes ahead with this life no matter when or where we might be. It is invasive for it will not give up or be distracted. Now that could sound awful - like a rash that spreads and drives us crazy. Rather than a destructive invasive power, it is a servant power that will bring into the world the end of violence - even violence that appears to be the winning power of the day. And yet, the Followers of Jesus as invasive continue on with the full exhibition of the life of the Reign of God. It may not be seen by all and it may not seem to be winning the day - yet it persists. When the world wants things to be just as is - the divide between us and them in place - intolerance as a character of the status quo - violence (passive and aggressive) the character of the day - the Followers of Jesus as invasive step forward. It is that stepping forward that is the power to claim the day. We may not win the day - but we will claim it. We will interject another life that is shaped by the one we call Lord - that is the one who opens up our lives to rebirth and resurrection and a new creation.

God of Love and All Hopefulness, it is in the midst of this world that we are invited to follow Jesus. It is not always the way we want to go. And yet, we continue to call on the power of your Spirit to take us and abide with us so that the image of your Reign will be seen within the brokenness of the world around us. Amen.