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The Followers of Jesus as invasive. Comments to:

The Followers of Jesus as invasive reminds us to go and be everywhere -without condition. Therefore, we will be seen and heard in the middle of places that are not welcoming to the life we bring. I did not want the blisters of poison ivy to be on my forearm - I even attempted to make sure they did not arrive and pitch their little blister tents in my life. And yet, that invasive weed did that which I did not want. The Followers of Jesus will persist also. We will bring a word of peace and we will be a force for the welfare of all in the middle of a world that pursues the welfare and well-being of some. So, we stand up again and speak - even when we are asked to be seated. We align ourselves with those on whom acts of injustice are dropped. We get into that space and have it all dropped onto us also. Maybe that means we become collateral damage when the powers of the world seek to subdue and destroy and eliminate those people who do not abide by the ways of such powers. The Followers of Jesus are invasive in such a way that our witness in the world will always be held suspect because we will not be controlled by the acts trying to control us.

O God of Love and All Hopefulness, help us to be that gentle reminder to the world of another way to go about the business of the day. Raise us up so we will bring attention to your peaceable Reign. Amen.