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The Followers of Jesus as helplessly hopeless. Comments to:

The Followers of Jesus as helplessly hopeless means we do not take part in doomsday predictions or become swallowed up in their garbage. In the face of a world that is broken and has become as wild as any other day in history, we forgive and act mercifully and work for peace and combat the cruelty of the world with an unbending love. That is called being helplessly hopeful. Yes, we may not see our actions change the whole world - that is not our goal. Our actions - our hopefulness is due to a promise of new life. The new life becomes us as we leap into the hopefulness of God's Reign in this place and time. The Followers of Jesus as helplessly hopeful find in the middle of our hopefulness a new life - a promise fulfilled. This is the case even when our lives are taken from us. Think of the martyrs of the faith whose writings and spoken words often sound like they are from another world. They are not. They are from and in this world - but as ones filled with the power of God's hope-filled Reign.

O God of New Life and All Hopefulness, come. Amen.