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The Followers of Jesus as visible. Comments to:

The Followers of Jesus as visible are simply ordinary folks whose lives can be seen as having something to offer the world. Think something simple - caring for another person; To care for another person (even if it is someone for whom we are to care) becomes a sign - a visible sign of a character. The followers of Jesus as visible show forth a character that is based on the loving kindness and mercy of our God. So therefore, a simple act of kindness - love - mercy - forgiveness - justice -brings the vision of the Reign of God - we see in the stories of Jesus - to life! Most often that vision for life will go unnoticed by most folks. Most often, people will not make the connection between an act in line with the Reign of God and all other actions. That is why a verbal witness or teaching or explanation is often needed to make the Reign of God visible. So when we are asked 'why did you do that or say that?' we can simply say it is who I believe I am - the beloved of God. That may be met with ridicule or we may be dismissed or we may be drilled with doubtful questions. And yet, that is our identity - our character - the live we pray will be visible among us. We don't need others to say 'yes' to it. We simply live into the words about God's beloved - making them visible.

God of New Life and All Hopefulness, you are the unbounded, creative power that offers your beloved people the character of life within your Reign. Encourage us to step into that life. Amen.