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The Followers of Jesus as visible. Comments to:

The Followers of Jesus as visible is the substance of the book of Revelation. I say that because in the middle of the junk that goes on around us - the warfare - the injustice - the brutality - we live a life that is not that kind of life. Therefore it is immediately visible - it is also contrary to the prevailing ethos. When the empires of the world - yes, we still live in them - continue to work at dividing people and perpetuating lies that say one person is better than another and therefore worth more, we are invited to live into the vision of another Reign. That will show. That life will be considered odd - and even foolish - and even an act of treason. That which does not go along with the life and lies of the empire becomes life that is not worth saving or helping - that which must not be allowed to continue on its way. That way is the way of Jesus. Even though the empire has completely tried to hold Jesus up as its own, it is not. No nation - no empire, knows the way of Jesus for the way of Jesus is quite at odds with empire values. The Followers of Jesus as visible will stick out in the crowd. Just wait until they speak or wait to see what they do. It will not be the party line of the empire or any of its collaborators.

God of New Life and All Hopefulness, empower us to trust in your way of peace and the love that comes to life when you shape us and send us into this day. Amen.