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The Followers of Jesus as flexible. Comments to:

The Followers of Jesus as flexible is a strength - like bending and bowing to serve. We may not appear to be strong because we refuse to follow the rigid expectations that so often come from being called religious or Christian. It seems that Jesus was always being ridiculed or questioned for the way he was able to bend freely to serve and save and heal. Such an ability within the religious world (even the secular world) is seen as weak. Many people want and need things religious to be firm and unbending and set in stone. One of the reasons I like the image of the commandments written on stone tablets is that it appears to be unbending. And yet, those great commandments that are meant to shape the life of a community of God's people demand that the people be flexible - loving in all context - seeking the welfare of the other in all contexts. Someone who live by these rock hard commandments may be the most flexible person we will meet today. The Followers of Jesus as flexible always bend toward the way of justice and peace and healing. Such people are some of the strongest people we will ever meet - especially when the world seems to be an unbending rule of power over others.

God of New Life and All Hopefulness take us and shape us and mold us so that we will be able to exhibit the love of your Reign and serve the world around us. Amen.