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The Followers of Jesus as staying in touch. Comments to:

The Followers of Jesus as staying in touch do not let some folks be forgotten. That happens very quickly in our society. We simply forget about those folks over there. Often, it really takes quite a bit of energy - emotionally - spiritually - mentally - physically - to disengage enough so that we live under the illusion that we are really disconnected from others. Then again, many folks spend much of their lives doing thing that enable them to let go and not stay in touch with other people. I find that we do that with the many 'isms.' We keep those folks away from us and make up our minds as to how we will see them and how we will judge them. The Followers of Jesus as staying in touch means we work at keeping 'all of them' in mind and in our prayers and in our life together. It takes work to stay in touch. The wonderful part about such action is that we are constantly finding out the world is bigger and more beautiful than we ever imagined. We also see that it is more brutal and in need of healing. We stay in touch because we are a part of the healing of all things.

God of New Life and All Hopefulness, open our eyes and hearts again this day so that more and more of your beloved will enter into our sight and become a part of our life. Amen.