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The Followers of Jesus as death defying. Comments to:

The Followers of Jesus as death defying turn toward forgiveness and in that turning, the powers of death don't have any way to win. We defy the powers of death each time we forgive - each time we turn around and come down in a place of mercy and hopefulness and joy and healing. That kind of movement defies the pattern of death. When that pattern is disrupted, death has a fit because the cycles and patterns that seem to control the world are not being accepted as the norm. The Followers of Jesus as death defying do not accept the norm - business as usual. Rather than retribution we consider reconciliation. Rather than ruin we consider restitution. The Followers of Jesus as death defying simply do not play the game of war and hatred anymore and that makes us odd balls if not enemies of the powers that be. Yet, we are invited to stay the course of following Jesus.

O God of New Life and All Hopefulness, guide us and move us and shake us up so that we see more clearly the way of your life that will fed us forevermore. Amen.