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The Followers of Jesus as death defying. Comments to

The Followers of Jesus as death defying leap into the present day as though it is the beginning of eternal life. In that way, death doesn't make sense. We are already a part of an eternal life that has been, is now, and will come - no matter what death wants to say or do. That is why we must never refer to eternal life as just that which is out beyond us after death. Eternal life - to talk of it as life today - to see it as life taking hold and guiding us today - frustrates the power of death. I am always blown back by people whose lives are like a constant death defying act. Death lurks all around. Death is winning disciples. Death seems to be the victor. And then, in single acts - a look of defiant love - a word of gratitude - a touch of compassion - a move toward forgiveness - the mighty power of death is reduced to nothing at all. That is where life goes beyond death and it happens all around those who are Followers of Jesus as death defying ordinary people.

O God of New Life and All Hopefulness, keep us eternally alive in you. Amen.