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The Followers of Jesus as grateful. Comments to:

The Followers of Jesus as grateful is how the world changes - bit by bit. I like to go back to the feeding of the 5000. In my faithful imagination, there are a whole bunch of people who came out to see and hear and touch Jesus - and be touched and healed by Jesus. It was all about them. What can we get - what will he do for us? And then, when the end of the day comes and the teaching about God's Reign has been going on, it is time to eat. The scene is one of 'not enough.' The reality is that there is a whole different reality present. Hmm. A boy has fish and bread and it is held up as an offering. This is nothing to  5000 people. But no one goes out of a village and into the wilderness without something. Jesus - grounded in his teaching - gives thanks - show gratitude - blesses. Not enough becomes abundance. The Followers of Jesus as grateful participate in that sharing of our lives and our resources and our time to begin the journey into a new way of being community.

O God of New Life and All Hopefulness, your abundant love transforms us and makes us abundantly grateful. From that point, remind us to transform the world. Amen.