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Weekday Devotions

The Followers of Jesus as flexible. Comments to:

The Follower of Jesus as flexible can find the world and themselves to be quite funny - amusing. We also know that we can laugh at ourselves and we can stand up to the laughter of the world when we allow for life that is beyond the scope of others. We can laugh because we are able to bend and look at the world from different positions and then voice positions and insights and criticisms that are not our own. I think that is what a good comedian does. The laughter then helps to loosen us up and see all things a bit differently. The Followers of Jesus as flexible will listen to the critique of our beliefs and we may even find some of the stuff we like to hold so sacred is really a part of a sacred hilarity. We can see it in other beliefs and we can see it in our own. Therefore, we can listen a bit more to others without casting stones at them. At the same time, our flexibility means that we will not go along with those who claim to have everything set and in place. In fact, that is when we need to speak up and be able to lead everyone into a bit of dialogue - you know, that place that just could change all things.

O God of New Life and All Hopefulness, it is amazing to see how you lead us and move us through these day with a sense of humor and a deep commitment to the unfolding peace of your surprising Reign. Amen.