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The Followers of Jesus as visible. Comments to:

The Followers of Jesus as visible just seems obvious. That is our hope. When we are visible, the whole reality of God's Reign is present. Right? Obviously we are not perfectly reflective of that Reign, but we do shine when the way of Jesus becomes our way and the world around us is able to see it. Think of Jesus in the boat and we are told that they recognized him and went to meet him. The recognized him as the person who has been going around living in a way that made people turn their heads. He was not just seen out on a boat like anyone else sailing on the water. Jesus was seen for who he was and what he did and the life that was available whenever he was present. So they went out to be there with him - even if it was in the middle of nowhere at all. The Followers of Jesus as visible are to be recognizable as a healing and compassionate real presence in the world that not only is noticed - it draws the world to us for a taste of new life and words of hope.

O God of New Life and All Hopefulness, make us a living witness to your creative presence that brings the world together for an experience of your shalom. Amen.