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The Followers of Jesus as visible. Comments to:

The Follower of Jesus as visible may be visible in voice or presence. Whenever the way of Jesus is being portrayed as having any part in the violence of our world we must be visible as a voice that simply says NO or maybe even BALONEY. This will make us quite visible - but not always liked for what we have to say. It may be that we may visibly have to 'shake the dust off' our feet as we reject the inhospitality of a biased world only wanting to host those who are just like them. The Followers of Jesus as visible must be folks who do not go along with the way the church has become a part of the cultural values of any country. For when we adopt the values of the culture, we become less visible - we look like the prevailing powers. We are visible as we take the risk to speak up and act up. This always comes within the dynamics of honest dialogue - not a forceful planting of our values over those of others. Our visibility is one that moves everyone toward healing and wholeness - that is what will make us so visible in a world of brokenness.

O God of New Life and All Hopefulness, be with us as we walk within your Reign. Amen.