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The Followers of Jesus as left behind. Comments to:

The Followers of Jesus as left behind is a fundamental notion of what it means to follow Jesus. There are all sorts of people who are left behind - left out - considered left-overs. Jesus grew up in a place and with a people who were being left behind. No-place Nazareth was not a place from which you want to begin your rise to the top because that kind of bottom is always the bottom in our world. And yet, left behind in Nazareth his life is one in which that strange group of outsiders make those who think they are the insiders turn their heads and witness lives that are truly new. The Followers of Jesus as left behind are one who have left behind the status and ladder-climbing, the violence and bias of the world as it is. We stay right in the middle of this world but we live with all that are left behind so that a new world can emerge. We are on a constant journey in which we walk with, stand alongside, reach out and touch any and all. Therefore we are constantly in the midst of God's Beloved children who just may be filled with people that the world keeps pushing out and to the side. We are left behind with a great multitude of God's Beloved.

O God of New Life and All Hopefulness, guide us into and through this day so that we will see your Beloved children and we will stand with them in your presence. Amen.