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The Followers of Jesus as left behind. Comments to:

The Followers of Jesus as left behind do not try to escape from what is to come. We stay put and we prayerfully embody the life of the Lamb of God. We become a part of the peaceable Reign even when that peace is not being accepted. We continue to remain - we stay put - we hold onto others - we face the brokenness of the world and we heal the divisions. We are left behind because our God is always in the midst of God's people. God does not leave us alone and God does not go off to watch us move through life. In, with, and under the present time - even the times we would like to leave behind - God is shaping us and moving us and bringing about a new reality by inviting us to stay put and follow the vision of the Christ. The Followers of Jesus as left behind do not promise something else at a later date and time. We are a part of a living promise that life shall be abundant even now - without partiality. Wow.

O God of New Life and All Hopefulness, here in this time and place inspire us again and fill us with life. Amen.