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The Followers of Jesus as left behind. Comments to:

The Followers of Jesus as left behind have a mission - love the world without end - love the world even as it seems to be falling apart - love the world even when the world chooses to be violent and hostile and foolish. We love the world so that the world may see another way to live. We are left behind with Jesus present with us as us.  After Jesus' resurrection the story line tells us of his ongoing appearances with his followers. He was with them in the flesh. Then there is the Ascension. Most often it is seen as a 'going home' to heaven where he will rule among the heavens. Let's just say 'no'. The Ascension can rather be seen as Jesus now available in all times and in all places. Jesus alive in the world. The Followers of Jesus as left  behind continue the presence of our Lord but now that presence comes to life among us. Therefore here and now is a vitally important time to be alive and it is also the place we are to be - present and full of the life of Jesus. Left behind with everyone - with all - without end.

O God of New Life and All Hopefulness, open us up to your full presence among us that we may become that presence within this day. Amen.