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The Followers of Jesus as longing. Comments to

The Followers of Jesus as longing keep seeing more to the world around us. This is not like a longing that is self-centered. We long for the renewal of all things - the healing of all things. Even in the best of days we are able to be open to how life can be expanded and the peaceable Reign of God can enter into more and more of our lives. We long for that more. We long for deeper healing. The Followers of Jesus already see the vision of life within the power of resurrection and therefore, we have an image of that which will one day be. When we long for the creativity of the future, we are not afraid to enter it and begin the adventure.

O God of New Life and All Hopefulness, take us along the way to see and hear and touch the way your promise of life is able to lift us and ground us and bring a fullness of life we often do not anticipate. Amen.