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Weekday Devotions

The Followers of Jesus as grateful. Comments to:

The Followers of Jesus as grateful are able to steer the day in new directions. We all know how easy it is to turn sour - look at the day as a burden - turn people into things. We are invited to look at the day as it unfolds around us and give thanks for the opportunity to be alive and a part of God's Reign right in this place - right now. Yes, the day may appear to be falling apart and yet we are there in the middle of it. We are there to look again. We are there to remind the world (and ourselves) of the gift of life that is available to us even as life looks grim and hopeless. The Followers of Jesus as grateful are trained up to say 'yeh, but.'  In other words, there is another way to view life in this moment and time. There is another way to live into and through this moment that may not go along with that which seems so grim. Being grateful can be the beginning of how we dismantle the powers of death that are afraid of graciousness and gratefulness.

O God of New Life and All Hopefulness, keep us present within the grasp of your love and the way you open the day to new life even when it is not easy to see or enter. Amen.