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The Followers of Jesus as well ordered. Comment to:

The Followers of Jesus as well ordered sets us up as a people who have a way of life into which we are moving this day. The day is well ordered - it is ordered by the vision of God's Reign. We are not a people who simply do as we please because God loves us no matter what we do. We have been handed a way of life that reflects the image of God. It has an order - it has a character - it produces a pattern within everyday life. The Follower of Jesus as well ordered need to practice that ordered life. Our lives need to be order - disciplined - in the way of peacemaking so that when the tensions of the day call out for violence and war, we will walk in the ways of peace. We must be well ordered in such times. We are to be able to say 'hey, not that way' - 'this way.' Often, I need you to help keep my day in order - within the order of God's Reign.

O God of New Life and All Hopefulness, lead us and guide us this day. Amen.