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The Followers of Jesus as well ordered. Comments to:

The Followers of Jesus as well ordered may be one way to see ourselves as ready to encounter the world today. We know there is an order that comes when one follows Jesus. Yes, we go this way and not that way - we do this and not that - we encounter people like this and not that. Such an order comes to us as we review the stories of Jesus. We really receive that order also from the Jewish Scriptures - that is what Jesus had to use as his days were ordered within the ways of God's Reign. The Followers of Jesus as well ordered have help t keep us along this way. It is not just the stories of Scripture, it is also the Spirit of God that still hovers over creation and continues to make life new with the many changes of the world. We continue on within an order that allows for creativity that follows the vision of God's Reign that is always breaking into today.

O God of New Life and All Hopefulness, order this day and move us into the order of your gracious Reign. Amen.