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The Followers of Jesus as well ordered. Comments to:

The Follower of Jesus as well ordered make sure that al things fit. The ordering is not complete when folks are left our. We cannot be the well-ordered people of God's Reign when some are left out of that order. Who is to be among the beloved of God - all. Therefore, we have an agenda or an order for the life we will enter today. We keep an eye on how that order - how that Reign - comes alive among us. The Followers of Jesus as well ordered are drawn into life that is not readily accepted by so many parts of our world who find ways to order people out. Therefore, we will always be a part of a dis-orderly group when the world looks at us.

O God of New Life and All Hopefulness, give us the courage to walk within the order of your Reign of love and grace and justice and peace. Amen.