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The Reign of God as Coming Forth. Comments to:

The Reign of God as Coming Forth may be abrupt and right in our faces. That is it may be right there in front of us. It may not be complete - but it may be enough to cause us to look and think again about all that we intend to do and be. This week, there was the wonder-filled image of Pope Francis getting into a Fiat and then rolling down the windows. He may be criticized for some things onto which he holds. But wow he has put to life something the grand business of the Vatican has been unable to do. In fact, his simplicity of action seems to be sermonic. Some of those who criticize him for not going far enough in certain areas could learn from his ability to go way beyond the whole rolling show of the western economic culture. The Reign of God as Coming Forth keeps coming even when it is not here in all of its fullness. I really don't think we could handle all of its fullness. Too many one issue folks want their issue or their life to be the center of all that is to take place. Therefore, I think they miss the Coming Forth of the Reign of God as it is moving in to claim the day. Maybe a bit of the Pope humility would help all of us see God's Reign arriving all around us and we could then celebrate even when it is not all about me or my way.

O God of New Life and All Hopefulness, keep coming into our lives outside the images we know so well. Make us uncomfortable until all are gathered in and made whole and your peace Reigns. Amen.