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Weekday Devotions

The Reign of God as Coming Forth. Comments to:

The Reign of God as Coming Forth is not a hard and fast rule that breaks in to set everyone straight. More than likely it is a conversation - a helping hand - a gift of time - a bending of the rules. It seems as though folks turn to the bible or religion to get some hard andfast rules to follow. It can carry the sense of a black and white world. And yet, the Reign of God will never be (nor has it ever been) a rule book or law book ready to catch folks at doing something they should not be doing. I find that we are most often handed ways to be in relationship. That means that those 'rules' may come to be a part of a journey into a dialogue about the well-being of all. The Reign of God as Coming Forth nurtures relationships through honest discussion and compassionate listening and loving action. Those actions are Coming Forth whenever the Reign of God taps us on the shoulder and offers us the opportunity to relate with one another out of a position of gracious love, honor, and respect.

O God of New Life and All Hopefulness, let your loving presence hold us and deliver us into a new way of entering into this day. Amen.