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The Reign of God as Coming Forth. Comments to:

The Reign of God as Coming Forth is like rain that begins as we are walking and we are not yet at our destination. Even if we came prepared with an umbrella, the walk changes - the cadence of our stride changes - our thinking even changes. When this Reign enters into this day it will make all things new. That may be why Jesus was always pressing for action now. Right in the middle of this moment - as the Reign of God is Coming Forth - step in - jump in- waltz in - somehow, get onboard. As we are raised up in the Church with the stories of the faithful and the faithfulness of our God, we do have examples and we are pulled by the Spirit of God as it brings the life of God's Reign Coming Forth into our lives - right now. We can go there. We can stumble our way into that glory. In fact, I think the stumbling simple comes as we turn to make a new life within God's Reign and we don't always know how to move in the groove of that life.

O God of New Life and All Faithfulness, take us up into the life of your Reign - even now. Amen.