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Weekday Devotion

The Life in the Reign of God as Coming Forth. Comments to:

The Life in the Reign of God as Coming Forth makes this moment and this day a time that sits on the brink of God's life of healing and wholeness becoming an actuality. That also means that we are being invited to be a part of it actually blossoming today. I don't mean that to puff anyone up. I mean it more as a way to help us all humbly receive a life that is apart of the hopefulness we hear about so often in Scripture. In the face of what is - are the promises of God Coming Forth and exposing themselves to us. It is then - in the smallest moment of this day or the grandest movement - that we will be a part of the Coming Forth of the life God has always promised is available. The Life of the Reign of God as Coming Forth may change the way we treat the least among us or the most powerful among us. It may pull us into a new dynamic of life as we face or encounter our enemies - both great and small. Therefore, we are encouraged to 'be awake' or 'be watchful' in order to see this Life emerging and Coming Forth with the expectation that we will enter into its emerging fullness.

O God of New Life and All Hopefulness, may this Life you have promised emerge among us and through us as a witness to your eternal presence. Amen.