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The Life of the Reign of God as Coming Forth. Comments to:

Usually I switch the main theme once a year. I now want to reflect on The Life of the Reign of God as Coming Forth.  In some ways this is in response to all the prayers I have heard lately that refer to Jesus 'coming down from heaven' or 'coming to earth' or the many references to 'heaven or hell' as places we go when we die. I find that the Life of the Reign of God is present and it is right in the midst of all the life that is going on around us. It is a real life. It is and always has been a life that can be distinguished from the ordinary grid of the. It is the acts of hatred being met with acts of kindness so that hatred will not have the ruling word among us. It is the power of vulnerability that allows for the day or the moment to be re-views so that our actions can actually become less destructive and more peacefully creative. The Life of the Reign of God as Coming Forth has to do with the power that is available to look again at who we are and how we act and to lay that alongside the peaceable Reign into which we have been invited to live. Therefore, no matter where we might be this Reign is Coming Forth and we are invited to move along with the stream of life it offers us. We usually say 'in the name of Jesus.' That is the image of how it really can come forth.

O God of New Life and All Hopefulness, make us aware of how your blessed life comes forth among us and becomes the power of the new creation. Amen