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Weekday Devotions

Life in the Reign of God as Coming Forth. Comment to:

The Life in the Reign of God as Coming Forth may tap us and invite us to also come forth and take part in a life that is not life as the world usually lives. This Reign happens all around us and we are continuously given access simply be stepping into the way of God's Reign which we begin to see through Scripture. Now in Scripture we see it happening back in time - in an ancient time - in a culture foreign to us - with values that unfolded in a tribal context. It is our task to see how we are now being invited in the kind of life today - one that must be translated over and over again. The Life in the Reign of God as Coming Forth keeps us tied to old commandments and prophetic statements about the Life within God's Reign but now we must live into them as they may be embodied today. So the Reign of God is Coming Forth within the prayerfulness of this day that opens up the way of the Christ before us so that this Way is translated through us and begins to make sense to others as they see our lives take on this old Way - made new.

O God of New Life and All Hopefulness, make this day new among us. Amen.