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Chad Eberle

My life in Columbus started at Capital University in Bexley. After I graduated in 1995, I moved to Manhattan to pursue my acting dreams, but life had other plans for me, so I wound up back in Columbus in 1999. During my time in New York City, I came out and fully accepted myself for who I was. Upon returning to Columbus I was looking for a church that not merely tolerated but fully embraced gay Christians. Even though I grew up Lutheran, I was having difficulty finding a place where I fit in. I tried Presbyterian, Methodist, MCC, Episcopalian, and Unitarian Universalist congregations, but nothing felt right. I eventually heard that there were a handful of RIC Lutheran congregations in the city and decided to give Redeemer a try. Pastor Al Debelak's preaching resonated with me, and I felt welcome here. Redeemer felt like a place where I could be myself, no strings attached. I officially joined in May of 2000 while Redeemer was undergoing renovation and the congregation was "on the road". I also met my husband, John Caron, here. We appreciate the diversity of the congregation and the willingness of this faith community to learn and grow.  We feel the Holy Spirit at work here."