Sexton Job Description

Redeemer Lutheran Church

Job Description

_____Position: Sexton_____


Adopted On:  July 20, 2017

Amended On:  _______________


Overview:  The Sexton is a part-time position (approximately twenty hours per week) employed by the Congregation Council. This Sexton will     

•         provide for the operation and minor maintenance (only non-licensed repairs) of mechanical systems   

•         ensure the aesthetic appearance of the building and grounds, to include cleaning of the building and grounds, trash and recycling disposal in the building and on the grounds

•         coordinate the ordering/receiving of supplies and equipment           

•         coordinate the contracts with routine maintenance and supply companies regarding fire, safety, security, pest control, lawn care, the elevette, snow removal, trash pickup, etc.

•         carry out necessary logistics for events on the church calendar (chairs/tables, lighting, etc.)    

•         provide other building and grounds tasks not provided by contract services and/or volunteers (i.e., replacement of light bulbs, returning the facility to a neat and orderly state following services/events, disposal of rubbish, etc.)


Supervision:  The Congregation Council will determine specific responsibilities, specify the compensation, and provide for the hiring and evaluation of this person. The church pastor will provide day-to-day oversight.


Basic Requirements: 

1.  A high school diploma or General Educational Development certificate (GED)

              2.  Knowledge of cleaning products and chemicals and the proper handling, use, and

                   disposal thereof

              3.  Experience (preferably at least three years) cleaning and maintaining an expansive

                   facility similar to our church

              4.  General knowledge and skills related to electrical issues (e.g., changing light

                   bulbs, switches, outlets or tracing circuits, etc.)

              5.  General knowledge and skills related to plumbing issues (e.g., leaking faucet/

                   toilet, blocked toilets/drains, shutoff valves, etc.)

              6.  General knowledge and skills related to carpentry issues (e.g., repairing privacy

                   fence, picnic tables, playground equipment, sticking door, etc.)

              7.  General knowledge and skills related to drywall patching

              8.  General knowledge and skills related to priming and painting

              9.  Able to understand, research, and follow up on maintenance contracts related to pest

                   control, lawn mowing and fertilization, snow removal, security, elevette, fire

                   extinguishers, inspections, trash removal, “walk off” mats, etc.

            10.  Technical/computer/internet skills to help resolve maintenance problems



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Preferred Skills:  This list is neither exhaustive nor limiting.

1.  Some technical certifications

  2.  Physical stamina involving the lifting of items of varying size and weight (up to 50

       pounds), as well as performing activities involving repetitive movement 

              3.  Attention to details

              4.  Self-directed—taking the initiative to address observed needs

              5.  Able to accurately and succinctly communicate facility needs to the appropriate


              6.  A cooperative attitude to support and work in harmony with other employees,

                   volunteers, and various church entities

              7.  Ability to explain job processes and needs

              8.  The physical ability to safely navigate stairs and ladders on a regular basis

              9.  Maintaining a working list of contractors who can address more difficult (licensed)

       issues relating to electrical, plumbing, carpentry, and HVAC problems


References:    Provide at least two references from different employers and/or supervisors.


Security:  The Sexton must receive a Safe Church clearance.


Salary:  The salary of the Sexton will be established upon hiring and will be paid in twelve (12) equal monthly installments at the conclusion of each month and upon submission of a time sheet for the month. Any changes to the salary will be determined by the Congregation Council. It is expected that the Sexton will spend about three to four (3-4) hours per day in this capacity. It is recognized that there may be times when these hours will be “flexed.” An Internal Revenue Service W-2 will be provided for all employment.


Benefits:  FICA taxes (Social Security and Medicare) will be withheld each month from the Sexton’s salary. On-the-job injuries will be treated via Workers’ Compensation. The Sexton will be eligible for up to three (3) weeks (twenty-one days) of personal unpaid leave each year. Days may not be carried over from one year to the next without written approval in advance.








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